We analyze the competition, consumers, distribution channels and communication media to create an efficient strategy that reaches our target audience at the lowest possible cost.

Strategy specialized for your needs

The marketing campaign and planned budget are designed based on this strategy. This is where we establish the necessary coverage and frequency objectives to achieve expected results, which is our commitment to our clients..

We analyze each type of audience for a deeper understanding of consumer behavior patterns in each means of communication, performing geographic and publishing schedule analysis, as well as the latest tendencies.


We strictly monitor strategic planning on a daily basis to make sure the campaign is moving in the right direction and is in accordance with the pre-evaluation established. In the case of any deviation, the necessary corrections are made to reach maximum efficiency and profitability.

For optimal control, we use both the tools offered on each platform or media as well as independent controls.


FullMediaGroup’s marketing experience in all channels of communication is one of its main strengths, in addition to its guarantee of success.

This close and direct relationship with the media has allowed us to reach a deep level of knowledge of communication channels optimal for planning and buying.